Beyond Your Wildest Screams
Universal Studios

The worst horror can’t be imagined. And no scream will suffice.

︎︎︎︎ Every year in Fall, at dusk, Universal turns its pleasant, picture-perfect park into a living nightmare. It’s called Halloween Horror Nights and it is downright terrifying.

So terrifying, in fact, that people from all over the world fly here to get their wits scared out of them. But the worst horror can’t be imagined. It’s unthinkable. Literally impossible to conjure until it’s upon you. And when that happens, no scream will suffice.

That’s why we tell the story of a single scream ︎ and the horror beyond it. A scream that’s stretched, crystallized, deconstructed to its purest form resulting in a spot that cuts ︎ through the Halloween clutter and drives a stake to the heart.

︎ Our campaign is the highest performing spot in the history of the Halloween Horror Nights series to date.