How do you measure uniqueness in social media for a unique car launch?

︎︎︎︎ Never before have as many people aimed for individuality as today. But how can you stand out of the crowd if everybody wants to be special? #Untamed is the first photo exhibition that autonomously curates itself and makes it possible to actually measure uniqueness in social media.

Digitally fueled ︎︎︎ with the most extraordinary Instagram photos from around the world and inspired by the new Mercedes-Benz CLA, our proprietary algorithm analyzed several characteristics of each photo — such as colors, contrast and composition — to calculate the #Untamed Score: a value which indicates how strongly the image is differentiated from the mass.

In a specially constructed gallery space in Paris ︎, the most outstanding photos were projected in real time to an international audience. The higher the #Untamed Score, the more prominently the image was featured and shaped the entire exhibition.

The campaign was received as a genuine art project and featured over 100,000 submitted and selected photos during the exhibition in Paris. ︎ Untamed earned massive global media coverage, got an extended feature on Think with Google, received awards ︎︎︎︎︎︎ from the FWA, Awwwards and the Art Director Club, and an exclusive interview in ︎︎︎ Page Magazine.

The digital-experiential idea forms the core of the campaign for the new Mercedes-Benz CLA and was accompanied by tv, print and outdoor communication.