Creative Director, Designer and Director based in Los Angeles, California.

Pilot “EarnWell”

A film format featuring our friends’ most fatal failures.

Whenever we learn something in life, it's our mistakes that teach us the best lessons. Personally or professionally. A business idea that bombed or a disastrous date. A holiday to hell or a crushed career. These are the stories that are worth sharing. Because they are true. And because they teach us: We all learn the most in life from our failures. Now it's time to learn from the ones other people made. In every episode FAIL focuses on one individual and intimate failure. Diverse stories of people from all kinds of places and with all kinds of professions.

In 2016 Allen Orr and Morry Brown founded the start-up EarnWell, an app for responsible investing. It finally launched in 2018. In 2019 it failed, after only nine months. Earnwell is an investing app for people who care what their money does. By selecting the 100 most responsible public companies, EarnWell makes it simple to invest in business thats support diversity, sustainability and LGBTQ equality. In 2020 they shared their story.

———  FAIL