Mercedes-Benz A

Dynamic look meets sporty performance: The fully integrated campaign presents the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class in a completely new style. The communication is as revolutionary as the new A-Class. By breaking up with traditional and well learned stereotypes of the brand, we created an abstract yet emotional world, in which innovative features of the new A-Class show up with an impressive performance.

Well before the market launch, the digital part of the campaign enters completely new territory and forms the backbone of all of communication about one of the most important cars for the rejuvenation of the brand.

A platform featuring an innovative interaction concept presents the world of the new A-Class and brings together all of the campaign content. Through scrolling you drive along metropolitan streets that reveal the entire content of the campaign as well as the brand new A-Class as your vehicle.

Jung von Matt + Mercedes-Benz + Cyril Guyot